282760_176231605775654_5230858_nDo you think your business would flourish with the addition of new, custom signs? Are you interested in adding mobile marketing to your business plan and are in need of vinyl lettering services? For LED signs and more, contact the sign company in Buffalo, NY that can do it all- Flexlume Sign Corp!

As a well established business, Flexlume Signs is full of history.  Since 1904, we have been the premier sign company of Buffalo, NY that you can trust.  Since two brothers pushed together white flexible opal glass and illuminated it from behind to make a sign, Flexlume Sign has not showed one moment of slowing down.  We have a wide array of signs that have been shown all around Buffalo, NY and throughout the country. 

You may have noticed some of our neon signs, LED signs, or vinyl lettering around town.  Our custom signs stand above the rest!


Some of the most recognized signs are:

  • Ralph Wilson Stadium
  • HSBC
  • M&T Bank
  • Key Bank
  • Zippo
  • Pancake House
  • Many other restaurants and high schools.

Our neon signs, LED signs, vinyl lettering, and flagpoles and flags are just the scratch of the types of visibility we provide to our clients.  Other services we offer are sign remodeling, sign repair, sign maintenance, and scrolling signs.

Our vinyl lettering & signs are second to none!

We at Flexlume Signs are members of the World Sign Association and are known among the best as a strong sign manufacturer.  Now that the government is very conscientious of energy conservation, we are offering a way for our clients to go green! We are now able to convert from T12 lighting to T8 lighting for a more environmentally friendly LED lighting.  The best neon signs, LED signs, vinyl lettering, or any sign for that matter, are created here at Flexume Signs in Buffalo, NY! Check out our website and visit us on Facebook to see what we are up to and some examples of our customs signs. 

Neon Signs

What is cooler than seeing a colorfully lit Neon Sign portraying your business and drawing people into your establishment?! Our neon signs not only light up our location in Buffalo, but have been shining for multiple businesses throughout the Buffalo region. Have a man cave or a basement bar? A custom neon sign would add envy amongst all your friends and relatives! Call today for more information!

LED Signs

LED signs are the new way to go.  Not only are LED signs energy efficient, the light up bright enough so that everyone knows you are there.  We are now offering a conversion for your older T8 Fluorescent lit signs to LED signs.  It’s a win-win for everyone, a more green way to light your business and have it glow like no other sign can.

Vinyl Lettering

You’ve probably seen those cars driving down the road next to you that have the name of their business or associations in vinyl lettering among them. Quality vinyl lettering is a great way to drive your business around town, literally! At Flexlume Signs, we can help you create those unique, one of a kind letterings to help you grow your business.

Flagpoles and Flags

We proudly display the American Flag over here at Flexlume Signs every day as well as have the official flags for purchase. Custom flags are a great way to draw the public’s eyes to your business as well as compliment the custom signs outside. At our facilities, we can also create custom Flagpoles and Flags that can fly amongst your company.

Custom signs can add new life to your business.

Flexlume Signs is the most respected sign manufacturer and sign company around! We manufacture signs of the highest quality and will not compromise that.  If you’re looking for the best quality and best service in a sign manufacturer, look no further than Flexlume Sign. Our sign company is proud to serve Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas with great custom signs. If you are looking for LED signs or neon signs to proudly display your business name, please call us today! We look forward to serving you!

Products & Services

Signs; LED, lighted, neon scrolling, vinyl lettering, flag poles, flag, sign repair, sign maintenance, remodeling, restorations, neon to LED light conversions, going green (T8 florescent light conversions)

Flexlume Sign has been designing, manufacturing, installing & maintaining quality signs for over 111 years.


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